Bouvard Coast Care Group Inc

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BCCG Members Trailer Booking System

Note:  This is for Bouvard Coast Care Group Members only.

Please choose the days you wish to book the BCCG trailer then complete the form & click SEND. When your booking is confirmed, will email you collection instructions.

The trailer comes with gate key, florescent jackets, BCCG signs & side bars.

Please note: To use the trailer, you must agree to abide by the rules listed below.


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To use the BCCG trailer, you must abide by the following rules:

  1. I am a member of the group and I am responsible for security of the trailer and its box contents (CES) while in my possession. (HiVis vests (10) gloves (5 pair) ratchet straps 2.5t (4) broom (1), rake (1), steel load bars (6), sign authorised vehicle(2) gate key (1) box key (1) tool box (1)).
  2. I understand that my vehicle insurance must cover the trailer for any damage to it, or others, at any time it is not on council property.
  3. I agree to wear all safety gear required including gloves, covered footwear, HiVis vests, and eyewear, while using the trailer as appropriate.
  4. I agree to display “authorised vehicle signs” at all times on council property.
  5. I am responsible for the security of any load on the trailer whilst in my possession.
  6. I agree to relock all council gates once I have passed through them.
  7. I agree that while on council property travelling on dual use paths, that pedestrians and other users have right of way, and I shall not exceed a speed of 15km/h.
  8. I agree that the use of the trailer is only for coastcare purposes.
  9. I agree to advise the secretary by email ( of any discrepancy or damage to the trailer or property.


If you have any questions, please contact the Secretary