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Jenny Green- Coast Ward Candidate

“Thank you for emailing your information regarding the circumstances surrounding the liquid waste disposal facility located at Tim's Thicket and which, I understand, was closed for operations in January, 2015 due to surrounding environmental contamination directly related to the leaching of toxic chemicals into the soil and water table. Earlier this year, March 2019, a proposal submitted by the City of Mandurah to reopen the liquid waste facility has been suspended while further assessments are carried out by DWER and EPA. There are several factors that would give rise for concern regarding the reopening of the liquid waste disposal site, those being: 1. Close proximity to the ocean waterline. 500 mtrs is insufficient as a buffer zone when considering the probability of beach erosion. 2. Unit sitting on a site with a 4mtr water table which, again, would be considered an insufficient buffer zone for toxic waste leaching. 3. Environmental conservation and protection regulations (DWER and EPA) have strict guidelines for liquid waste disposal sites with regard to installation of layers of ground filters, level of water tables, and sub soil rock integrity. Given the above information, I would, if elected, request a review of the CoM report submitted to DWER and departments associated with the proposal and vigorously challenge their reasoning to go forward with the reopening of the liquid waste disposal site as, apart for trucking convenience, it does not meet the standard of contemporary liquid waste management.”

James Lee Yates - Coast Ward Candidate

“I have studied the comprehensive and detailed documents you supplied - thank you. I would consult with Bouvard Coast Care to work out a suitable solution. You can be assured I would represent YOUR views in Council. Three are three main platforms I'm campaigning for and one is Clean Water ways. This falls under that. You can go to my facebook to see how active I am concerning environmental issues. Last Saturday morning I participated with the Coastal Waste Warriors to pick up 166 kilos of rubbish around the Port Bouvard Marina. I'm a doer, not a talker and when I give my word, I stay true to it. I oppose it but would welcome working with you to find another solution.” Comment from BCCG - James was the first to reply to our email and to request a meeting - he then wanted to make a video to raise awareness. see James’s video on Tims on his facebook page - facebook

Candice Di Prinzio - Coast Ward Candidate

“It appears quite evident to me that the Bouvard Coast Care Members have been subject to some grave process and consultation failures with the City of Mandurah. I can assure you that should I be successful in becoming a Coastal Ward Councillor, that I will engage regularly with your group in pro-active, two-way consultation. I will have an open door policy regarding everything I do as a Councillor. In the event that I am successful in becoming a Coastal Ward Councillor, I look forward to having Bouvard Coast Care Group brief me in regard to your concerns, process issues and the timeline relating to this facility. It is my understanding that this matter could come back to Council in the new year, so I'm keen to ensure that I've fully engaged with your group. Rest assured, that I will make a decision on this matter that is in the best interest of the community and your input would be factored into my decision making.

Bob Pond - Coast Ward Candidate

“ I am generally not a fan of waste disposal to the environment in this kind of manner. However I don't feel I have enough information to give a definitive answer to your groups at this point in time. It is one of those issues that I as an elected counsellor would want to see a fuller briefing and a chance for intellectual scrutiny on. As a yet to be elected candidate I have not had the time to do so. I would like to see the City full paper trail and understand why they they have made the decisions they have. I would also want to meet with you and get a fuller picture than your precise below, though you do paint a pretty good picture. So I would like to withhold final judgement at this point, but I am very sympathetic to the position you presented. I suspect that is not fully satisfying to you, but I am a believer in fully informed decision making. I do not feel fully across this one yet. Thanks for the work you do.”

Bradley Chalke - Coast Ward Candidate

“ I would support the people that it impacts which is you. My job would be to listen to cases as you have pointed out in your email and lobby the council on your behalf. If there is a better solution I would lobby for it. You pay your rates and your voices need to be heard. On a side note if the council meetings were live streamed you can hold the council and councillors accountable for these types of things. It’s not easy to get to council meetings but if you can have access to them in your own home you wouldn’t have too. I hope this helps and I hope action will be taken even if I am not elected.”

Brad Bedford - Coast Ward Candidate

“ When do you plan to have the forum? I have Experience with Waste water having had a licence with Waste Water Management Water Corp and Dept Minerals Energy also know former Waste Inspectors maybe I can be of some help. .”

Adam Woodage - Coast Ward Candidate

“ I trust you understand my stance on this with the history I have with the Bouvard coast care and ensuring you received a substantial grant. As a member of BCCG, I will only entertain what the membership desires not businesses or the adhoc at will behaviour the Mandurah city and council have shown of late. .”
We asked the prospective candidates for their views on the current situation at Tims Thicket and our campaign, here are their individual response::
Our Pick! Our Pick! Our Pick! ELECTED! 2019 Local Election Results ELECTED!

Rhys Williams - Mayoral Candidate Email:

“I left your AGM the other day feeling really inspired. I love seeing community groups doing big things - it's actually one of the main reasons I'm standing for mayor... because we have to make it easier for volunteers to do what they're passionate about. Congratulations on all your coordination and hard work. If I'm successful, I want to look at commercial opportunities for the waste that is currently being treated at Tims Thicket. This will mean that I'm probably more in favour of a medium-term closure, but revoking the application for the extended [septage] license”

Merv Darcy - Coastal Ward Candidate Email:

“Should I be elected as Councillor for the Coastal Ward, I would totally support and immediately withdraw the licence application to upgrade the liquid waste facility and to commit to the full closure of the site as soon as practically possible. As past practices have shown landfill operations have contaminated ground water with heavy metals and toxic chemicals. I might add these sites did not have large quantities of water passing through them as Tim’s Thicket Waste facility will have. We were once told Wittenoom and the tailings from the mine were safe. However we now know the dangers after many deaths, of which I sadly have first- hand experience from handling the workers compensation claims. Most worryingly to me, its clear from the responses that the community hasn’t been consulted or informed. We must remember that the council is here to serve the community and not the other way around. I am absolutely astounded by the comments of those in support of the proposed spraying irrigation on the old landfill site at Tims Thicket. Throughout my campaign I have spoken with a number of residence in the coastal ward who have voiced their strong opposition to the proposed spraying irrigation on to the old landfill site at TIMS Thicket and the risks associated with such a process . One only has to be aware of the problems that occurred in Busselton in which some residential bores were contaminated, and their bore water exceeded public health criteria for drinking water and in some cases, garden irrigation. Also there was similar problems connected to the Melville wast disposal site in Leeming. SOLUTION This irrigation water should be collected and used to water street tree, parks and gardens and not irrigated on to an old land fill site and then elevate any risk.“


We want people to be informed of the facts, aware of the dangers and represented by Councillors who care. A large amount of water is to be sprayed over a site that contains contaminated waste (see photos) The spray site is over land reserved for ‘camping & recreation’ The site is on Tamala Limestone that is very porous & is above the aquifers Water from the aquifers is used to supplement residents drinking water & provide bore water for gardening and animal watering These are facts backed by documentation not speculation, good idea? we think not - what do you think?

Peter Jackson - North Ward Candidate Email:

“I’m certain that the passion felt by the parties involved is driven by the hope for an outcome that provides benefits for our community. I’m encouraged to hear BCCG’s desire to be seen to be open and fair. I’m expecting The City will also adopt that approach. I’m hopeful that together both parties will be able to clearly understand the concerns, issues, and implications, and come together around good decision-making. I have spoken directly with the City CEO and Director of Works and Services Allan Claydon about this matter. I wish to understand all of the facts before taking a position. It appears at this early stage that there is some mis-information surrounding this issue. I am currently facilitating an interview with both of them where they can communicate the facts as they know them, to be broadcast on 6mm. Once that’s broadcast it becomes “on-the-record” as such. I will pursue the same opportunity for the other side of the debate. There is no question that putting people at risk is not an option! Getting all of the facts firstly, and secondly understanding the context correctly to give them meaning is vital to making good decisions. In my view, espousing an opinion before that process is completed is not responsible and doesn’t help in good decision making. If there is a case to answer it will be brought! I suspect this is an issue that will go beyond the timeframe of this election. Regardless, I will be pursuing the truth.”
Letter of support from Zak Kirkup MP Liberal Member for the District of Dawesville. Read the letter
Letter of support from David Templeman - Member for Mandurah. Read the letter

CANDICE DI PRINZIO - Coast Ward Candidate Email:

“If elected, my position will be that if there is any indication of contamination to this area, I will fight against the upgrade. Our environment is too precious to tamper with.”

Your Politicians

We believe residents should be Informed, Aware, Represented so we are reaching out to our local, state and federal representatives to give us their views on this situation and express their support for our campaign. We’ll publish their comments & letters of support here so you can decide if they are representing your interests as they should.

2019 Election

2018 Election

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